Bioclimatic Residential Building

The project proposal stems from the desire to create a building-system capable of establishing ecological relationships with the natural environment.
The double-skin south facade provide protection from the sun and, at the same time, it transforms the sun radiations in energy thanks to a system of Photovoltaic Panels of Third Generation, integrated within. In winter it become a serra that provides warm, while during the summer, it acts as a ventilated wall. The building structure is constructed by prefabricated wooden panels that give an high thermic/phonic insulation to the apartments. A natural air-cooling is also integrated within the building, it is based on the evaporative cooling principle, the temperature is lowered by the water vaporized in vertical conducts.
The building behavior is changing according with the seasons to reach the request level of living comfort.

Graduation Studio Project, with Tommaso Debenedetti. Master in Architecture, Politecnico di Milano.

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Milan EXPO 2015: Cambodian Pavilion

Design Studio Project of the Cambodian Wetlands Pavilion for Milano EXPO 2015. The project takes, as an example of the biodiversity, the ecosystem of the lake Tonlé Sap in Cambodia: a system composed by the combination of a lake and of a river of a great importance for the livelihood of the Cambodian population in the whole country.<br />With a view to making the visitors experience the Cambodian natural environment, the plot reproduces the alternation of rice fields and swallow ponds surrounded by a wild vegetation, which characterizes the Cambodian wetlands. Such vegetation which may be seen as a useless and unexploited spot, is rather an important source of biodiversity, crucial in ensuring the productivity of the relevant areas as well as for the animal species life in the ecosystem.<br />Design Studio Politecnico di Milano, professor R. Dorigati

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Milano Communal Auditorium

The project is a multifunctional building hosting events and temporary exhibitions. The project focuses on the design of a cultural center as a network between different cultural and ethnic communities which represent today a relevant presence on Milan’s territory. The project also encompasses the design of a municipal garden/plaza.

Professor Cino Zucchi, Architectural Design Studio, Master in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano.

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BovOx: A Periurban Rural Park for Bovisa

BovOx: A Periurban Rural Park for Bovisa

BovOx it’s a project for the promotion of a cultural planning in the Bovisa district in Milano.
It is a process of social involvement to trigger territorial changes motivated by eco-sustainable principles through democratic participation.
It is born from a common will to add value to the identity of the area through the realizaton of an agricultural park able to restore the connection of the city with its surroundin territory.
It is a middle-long term project whose objective will be contribute in giving strenth Milano’s Green Belt – system tutoring the green landscapes and resources – by proposing new possible identities for this territorial.
The project will follow a progressive and contiuous comunication and advertizement plan that is ment to go on beyond the realization of the project and that will be the main mean of self-sustainability of the long term project.
with Tommaso Debenedetti

Landscape Cultural Planning Workshop by Professor Monica Amari. Master in Architecture, Politecnico di Milano.

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CLIMAX: architectural theory and practice

 CLIMAX: architectural theory and practice

Free Interpretation of contemporary architecture book S,M,L,Xl by Rem Koolhaas. University publication with Tommaso Debenedetti and Shao Ying

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